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spring term 2018

Homework gallery - february 2018

My goodness! Such a busy afternoon; it was lovely to see so many family members coming together to celebrate the hard work which the children (and adults) have put into the homework.  There are many different opinions about the value of homework and whether it helps towards progress or not. For us, at Elmhurst, homework is not about progress but it is about spending time with loved ones undertaking a shared task. We know that not everyone has the time to dedicate to it. We know that not everyone has the same skills base. But we also know that any support/ time spent together working towards a shared goal is time well spent! Thank you for getting involved. It is appreciated. 







family learning afternoon- february 2018

What a fantastic afternoon. Thank you to all the families who joined Mrs Murray, Miss Burgess, Mrs Vian and Mrs Mapstone for the art afternoon today. It was a very busy but calm afternoon with many, many lovely things to do. Here are a few photos from the afternoon: 






autumn term 2017

Elmhurst, ST Dunstans and millfield christmas concert - december 2017



Year 4 visit to "We the curious" - november 2017

We had a lovely day at We the Curious on Thursday with the year 4 classes. We were incredibly proud of their behaviour, their enthusiasm and their willingness to have a go. Thank you to the parents who joined us for the day.



Choir events -november/ december 2017

We are so proud of all our children who have joined us for the various Choir events this term. There have been many: Brunel Care, Street Christmas Cracker,  Clarks HQ, Clarks Pensioners and the Wells Cathedral Schools Concert. Not all children have taken part in all of them but we have had a very good turn out for each event. Thank you to the parents who have supported us as well. Here are a few photos from the different events. Wells Cathedral to follow!







family music afternoon - november 2017

It was definitely LOUD!! Thank you to everyone who joined us for the music afternoon today. Lots of instruments, body percusssion and singing! Thank you also to Miss Bridgewater and Mrs Lopez for all the preparation involved before the event as well. Miss Bridgewater is now off to rest her voice before all the choir events in the next couple of weeks. 




y6 trip to catcott nature reserve

The year 6 children had a great time at the Avalon Marshes on Monday as part of their fieldwork studies. It was a little muddier than expected but, as you can imagine, this only added to the fun!

Thank you to the parents and family members who helped out on the day.  Here are a few more photos from the day.








It is always a great honour for the school to host the Annual Remembrance Service led by Mr Ken Dunthorne and this year was no exception. Thank you to the year 6 readers: Willow, Issy, Tyler and Ben and to the year 5 children for their assembly afterwards. It was lovely to see representation from Hindhayes, Crispin and the Sea and Air Cadets, as well as seeing all our elderly friends, many of whom were past pupils. It really fills us with a sense of pride when we see how brilliant our children are. 

A special thank you to the year 5 team for all their hard work with the performance. 




homework gallery - november 2017

Thank you to everyone who came along to the gallery on Wednesday afternoon; it was lovely to see so many of you. As always, we were all incredibly impressed with the quality of work produced. Thank you to everyone: mums, dads, aunts and grandparents etc, who got involved in the making process! Gold stars to you all!

Here are a few pictures of the homework produced:





harvest service - year 4 september 2017

Wow! What an amazingly confident performance from the whole of year 4! It really is super to see so many of our children completely at home when performing on the stage. Thank you also to all the parents and families who came along this afternoon to show the children their support; all performances need an audience! We would also like to thank everyone who sent in a contribution to the Glastonbury and Street Foodbank. 





Stonehenge - year 3 September 2017

Yesterday (Wednesday 20th September) Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful visit to Stonehenge for the day. We took part in many hands-on activities including landscape building, stone erecting and dressing up in traditional Stone Age clothing. One of our favourite activities was pretending to be architects and digging out a barrow (scaled down version) to discover a skeleton! We found gold too!
Whilst outside, we experienced what life was truly like during the Stone Age by wall building, working with reeds and grinding wheat whilst residing in a traditional Stone Age home. Mind your head! We then jumped on a bus to explore Stonehenge itself. What a wonderful sight!
Many thanks to the Stonehenge team who were very helpful and enthusiastic.



Okehampton - September 2017

We have a lot of pictures of the children taking part in the activities, but the internet connection here is intermittent and slow, so we can't post many of these. We will make them all available when we return, so please bear with us if you don't see your child on the posts. They are all having a great time.


We arrived at Oakhampton at around midday, unloaded our luggage and made our way to the youth hostel.


On arrival, we went to our rooms, made our beds, (which did cause some difficulties) and then ate lunch.

After lunch we went to our first activities, high ropes,



 and weaseling.