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autumn term 2017

Stonehenge - year 3 September 2017

Yesterday (Wednesday 20th September) Year 3 enjoyed a wonderful visit to Stonehenge for the day. We took part in many hands-on activities including landscape building, stone erecting and dressing up in traditional Stone Age clothing. One of our favourite activities was pretending to be architects and digging out a barrow (scaled down version) to discover a skeleton! We found gold too!
Whilst outside, we experienced what life was truly like during the Stone Age by wall building, working with reeds and grinding wheat whilst residing in a traditional Stone Age home. Mind your head! We then jumped on a bus to explore Stonehenge itself. What a wonderful sight!
Many thanks to the Stonehenge team who were very helpful and enthusiastic.



Okehampton - September 2017

We have a lot of pictures of the children taking part in the activities, but the internet connection here is intermittent and slow, so we can't post many of these. We will make them all available when we return, so please bear with us if you don't see your child on the posts. They are all having a great time.


We arrived at Oakhampton at around midday, unloaded our luggage and made our way to the youth hostel.


On arrival, we went to our rooms, made our beds, (which did cause some difficulties) and then ate lunch.

After lunch we went to our first activities, high ropes,



 and weaseling.